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Welcome to our first!

That's right, this is our first blog and we are so excited you are here to see it! This will just be a quick introduction to all things ClearlyClearwater, lets dive in shall we?

We are a husband and wife team who moved to the Clearwater area and fell in LOVE. No, not with each other (we were already married duh) but with the city and the beach. Clearwater Beach to be more exact. First thing we did, check out the beach of course!! We show up with a couple of towels and take a seat in one of the many blue cabanas along the beach. At the time, we did not put it together that we would need to pay, but we didn't get caught that time... phew! An amazing sunset came and went, and we were not ready for the night to end. The first bar we stepped into was Surfside Taphouse on Mandalay and that was a nice start! There were some drunk ladies fan girling over the live local musician, and we had a great time people-watching. We then headed down the street to Jamminz! Now, we love to dance and Jamminz has great music/ DJ's, along with your typical beer pong and dart boards. When we think about our nights out, this quickly became a favorite. The next day we decided we needed to try some of the local seafood and grabbed bites down Gulfview boulevard at CK's,and Crabby's Beachwalk Bar and Grill... MM MM MM yummy! By now, we are hooked on this place <3

In a city with lots to do and with so many different specials and view points, it can be hard to keep track of where to go! That's where we come to help! ClearlyClearwater will be posting local events, daily specials, and some spots to visit to help both visitors and locals navigate this amazing place. This blog will be used to share our experiences and we hope you enjoy them!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have not already, subscribe to our page for a weekly update on all things Clearwater Beach as well as our new Clearwater Crawl bar crawls!



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